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What is Justice? One definition states that justice is simply “taking personal responsibility to uphold what is pure, right, and true.”Martin Luther King, Jr. is an excellent example of this. He saw the discrimination and prejudice that was prevalent in his era, and took a stand against it. He couldn’t stand by while injustice was winning. He was eventually assassinated for his willingness to stand against evil, and serves as an example of a man who lived for justice.

How can we practically use justice? Justice in the home can include the following:

  • Setting a high standard for oneself in pure thoughts, right actions, and being loyal to the family
  • Parents not only disciplining children for wrong decisions but training them to make right decisions
  • Being responsible to protect one another from what is not pure or healthful

What are the rewards of justice?
Family Stability: corruption cannot destroy a family when each member is accountable to his or her own conscience to do what is right.
Secure Society: when lawbreakers are swiftly and decisively punished, it is a great deterrent to crime. Children can then grow up in a secure environment without their parents being concerned for their safety.