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What is wisdom? One definition states that wisdom is “making practical applications of truth in daily decisions.” We can look to George Washington for a great example of widom. When he had been elected to the presidential office for 2 terms, he willingly stepped down even though there was no law against running for a third term.  He did this because he believed that it was the wise thing to, as he knew those who came after him would need an example to follow.  American presidents followed the example of Washington for over 100 years, until Franklin Roosevelt finally broke the tradition.

How can we practically use wisdom? Wisdom in the home can include the following:
– Seeking each other’s counsel and avoiding rash decisions
– Protecting the family by visualizing the consequences of foolish decisions and determining how to avoid them
– Seeking a wise and understanding group of friends

What are the rewards of wisdom?
1. Discretion: looking at present situations with a wise perspective gives insight and discretion for making future decisions that will bring desirable consequences and rewards
2. Success: a wise person will see the benefits and dangers of various courses of action and will choose the one that will result in success.  The problems and pitfalls that hinder the simpleminded will be avoided.