We are thankful for your consideration of King’s Academy as a valuable option in that process. KACS is here to strengthen Christian parents to raise Christian young men and women to impact the next generation for Christ: giving them the gift of time with their families as they attend classes according to a university-modeled schedule.

Contact Us

Contact to find out more about our school. We will send you information and even schedule a visit to our campus to see it in person. We offer campus tours and days where your child may attend and shadow other students in their grade.

Review School Material & Prayer

If you have talked with admissions and are interested in joining our family, please review the family handbook and pray over whether this is a good fit for your family.

Complete the Admissions Forms

Once you have decided to apply, please complete the online applicationIf you have more than one child you are enrolling, please complete the online application for the oldest child and complete sibling applications for subsequent children. Please note that there is an admission fee of $97.00 required for the first child plus an additional $27 per sibling. If you already have students enrolled, please complete the sibling online application. There will be a $27 fee to complete the sibling application. All fees are payable by credit card at the time of online submission.

Testing and Evaluation

Once we have received the admissions packet, we will contact you. If you do not hear from us within 10 days, please contact us to make sure your application was received. Testing or previous records will be used to more appropriately place students in each course and in order that each family might better determine the comparative relationship between the student and King’s Academy’s level of course work.

School Admission’s Family Interview

School admission is a one-time process that is handled by the admissions committee. The purpose of this meeting is to make certain that all of your questions about King’s Academy have been answered and to make certain that King’s Academy is the appropriate school for your family. Your admission forms will be given to the Admissions Committee. School personnel will call to arrange an interview. Parents and potential students must attend the interview. Please allow 30 minutes for the first child, and 15 minutes for each additional child for the interview process.

Letter of Acceptance

After the interview process has been completed, each family will receive a letter from the school administrator. This letter will indicate the admission committee’s decision.

Enrollment and Family Training

Once accepted, you may enroll your child(ren).  Your family may need to attend a new family/co-teacher training to prepare for the upcoming school year.

King’s Academy Christian School intends to admit students from families professing Christianity that desire a Christian education, support this approach in life and education and agree to abide by the code of conduct. Although King’s Academy Christian School seeks to educate students with varied academic ability, students with a significant learning disability may not be able to succeed in the robust curriculum. Each student’s academic ability will be assessed and students will be placed at a grade level where they can achieve.

King’s Academy Christian School gives preference in enrollment to students from currently enrolled families. Students enrolling in six or more classes and students communicating a high level of interest in attendance at King’s Academy Christian School with the character and academic ability to succeed in the program also receive preference. Admission is not exclusively determined on the basis of the date of filing an application; however, early application is strongly encouraged. King’s Academy reserves the right to refuse admission or re-enrollment for reasons it deems sufficient. Due to the rigorous curriculum and academic program that will be taught at King’s Academy, students should be prepared to be challenged and expect to work hard in their studies.

Tuition Reduction
KACS believes in offering the blessings of a Christ-centered education to as many families as possible.  Therefore, we have established several opportunities for families to receive tuition reductions, including:
Multi-Child Discounts
Families with more than one child enrolled at KACS will receive a 10% ‘tuition only’ discount for the 2nd child enrolled and a 20% discount for the 3rd and additional children enrolled.  The child with the highest total tuition will always be considered the 1st child, with the 2nd highest considered the 2nd child, etc.
Tuition Assistance

The second method for reducing tuition is through tuition assistance.  Tuition assistance is provided to qualified families through the generosity of other KACS families or through unfunded discounts. We are committed to reviewing all requests for tuition assistance and helping those with genuine needs.  All tuition assistance is measured and appropriated within the following guidelines:

  • Tuition assistance is subject to availability.
  • All families who wish to apply for tuition assistance must go through the FACTS system.
  • Tuition assistance cannot be granted to families who have not fully met financial obligations at another school.
  • Tuition assistance is only available as funds are available.  Qualifying for tuition assistance dos not guarantee receipt of tuition assitance.
  • Tuition assistance must be reapplied for each year during the annual registration period.
  • Receipt of tuition assistance is not a guarantee of future tuition assistance awards.
  • The maximum tuition reduction considered is 50 percent.

Tuition assitance recipients must agree to receive the funds in exchange for:

  1. Maintaining satisfactory grades (any grade below 70 will result in removal of tuition assistance for the following semester.)
  2. Maintaining satisfactory conduct on and off campus.
  3. Family must log at least 10 hours of volunteer service per year.
  4. Family must set up automatic draft from bank account for tuition payments.
Full Time Minister Discount

Those ministers whose primary income source is from a full-time staff position of a church are eligible for a 30 percent discount off of tuition. A statement verifying full-time status must be submitted by a governing authority at the church such as an Elder Board or Chairman of Deacons.

Employee Discount

Teachers and staff members of KACS are eligible for discounts ranging from 10-50 percent depending upon work load. 

Referral Rebate Program

Goal: To reward highly motivated families for being proactive in “sharing the good news” regarding King’s Academy and the University-Model. 

Method: The reward for recommending a family to KACS is a flat $250 if the new family enrolls and pays tuition. The reward will be a CREDIT to the account of the referring family that made the recommendation at the conclusion of the fall semester. 

Senior Tuition Rebates For Continuous Enrollment (Full load)
  • Students achieving continuous enrollment for grades K-11 receive a complete waiver of tuition for the senior year.  
  • Students achieving continuous enrollment for grades 6-11 receive a 50 percent discount off of tuition for the senior year.  
  • Students achieving continuous enrollment for grades 9-11 receive a 15 percent discount off of tuition for the senior year. 

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