Thank you for your interest in employment here at King’s Academy! We currently have the folding openings:

  • Junior High Life Science (1st period)
  • Junior High Earth Science (2nd period)

Please feel free to bring a completed application to our main campus or contact our office for more information at 903-534-9992 on careers at King’s Academy. It’s not just a job, it’s a calling!

Employment Application Teacher

Employment Application ParaProfessional

“Teaching at KACS allows me an opportunity to not only partner with parents, but with the students.  I have NEVER taught at a Christian school that has the environment with the student body as we have at KACS.  My students regularly pray for my family and me, send me encouraging emails and texts, and NEVER leave the classroom without thanking me for teaching them.”

- Vickie Williams

Director of Upper Campus Curriculum & Instruction

Interested in joining with KACS to minister to the next generation of disciples?  

We are serious about what we do here and are strongly Christ focused. If you feel like God may be speaking to you about joining our team, please feel free to contact us at any time. Utilize the links to begin the process of co-laboring with us.

All candidates must:

1. Have a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

2. Be certified and/or degreed to teach in the subject area.

3. Utilize school mission/vision to move students to be next-generation disciples of Christ, that is, use their given responsibility to accomplish student-oriented mission goals.

4. Bring about learning/leadership for students such that educational content is assimilated, made memorable, and its application is properly transferred to other subjects and situations.