School Uniforms

The KACS dress code is primarily a safety benefit to enable staff to quickly identify non-student individuals who may be on campus. It is also designed to encourage modesty and decency, and to minimize the use of clothing as a significant means of establishing identity or social status. KACS staff may determine the appropriateness of a student’s clothing or hairstyle and may request that any student not dressed appropriately follow the steps listed under dress code violations. For special dress days, the administrator may grant exceptions to the dress code.

All logo items, including shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and sweaters, will be purchased online at, using school code QS5RWEJ. All clothing must be approved items that match required colors for KACS uniforms.

Students must wear school uniforms while on campus or in the classroom during the school day. When on campus for any event and not in uniform, students must be dressed in appropriate attire. Students should seek to dress in a modest Christian manner that represents the school well. (For example, a student who comes to the campus on non-school days does not have to be in uniform but must be dressed in clean and modest clothes.)

Please refer to the Family Handbook for specifics on the dress code.