News Channel CBS 19 Report

Last summer, CBS 19 interviewed our school because of our unique model and the capabilities it holds to be able to handle the current pandemic strains on our community. Watch the video to learn more about our hybrid model.

“We have three girls at Kings, and this is our 7th year at the school. We are still loving it! One of the greatest blessings of Kings has been time with our kids. We are self-employed and do not run on a traditional schedule. With the university model, we are able to not only have the daily time with them, but also our kids are involved in our livelihood on a daily basis. It is truly a family business. Our girls have been all over the country with us,
traveling sometimes for work, sometimes for vacation. The faculty and staff at Kings has also been a blessing to our family. We send our children to school with a group of people who not only love and care about them, but love the Lord BIG! That has definitely been reflected in the lives of our girls!”
- The Pond Family

“The University Model of KACS has strengthened the dynamic in our family and encouraged my children to develop strong study habits and time management skills. As parents we love more time with our kids, so having them home for satellite days allows us as parents to be active participants in their education process. This creates unique opportunities to discover new layers of my child’s personality as I get to experience their learning hands-on.
In addition, the flexibility of the schedule allows our family to travel and create memorable experiences that would be limited in a traditional five-day school program. I could not be more grateful for the partnership with have with King’s Academy to build strong academic leaders with an emphasis on Christian values.”
- The Jones Family

When our oldest went to 5-day Kindergarten, we recognized how much time we were losing of being present in her life. Who was going to pour into her life the most while growing up? It was at that time that we were introduced to King’s and the hybrid school model. This is our 9th year at KACS and we can truly say this model is the best of both worlds. Knowing we were not called to homeschool, we still wanted more time with our children than what full-time school offered. Now we have the ability to build relationships with our children and invest in them with our time, but they have the option to be at school with friends and teachers during the week as well. The teachers provide their lessons and activities on our days at home which relieves any pressure from us to do the extra planning. Our oldest, who is now in 9th grade, is currently enrolled in dual credit classes and we feel this model has prepared her for a college-like schedule and has taught her how to be self-sufficient on assignments. We have a good relationship with all of our children and no regrets about this investment!
- The Hollis Family